A like is not an action

typhoon_donation_formIs it just me, or are many frustrated that the LIKE and Share buttons seem to have replaced an action? We watch daily as companies get paid to capture followers, shares and likes as a way to measure an RIO or Reach, but seriously, if I were in dire need of help, a like or share would just not make me feel better.

The good news is Social Media does make it easy. The photo you see here was on Facebook and the Charity is well vetted. If each person just gave 10.00 that saw the post, imagine. This morning the Red Cross was the first FaceBook post I saw. It was insanely easy to make a 10.00 gift. Be a leader, make a gift, POST IT and ask others to take an #ACTION. Every #Action can cause a Reaction.  I believe 10.00 can make a difference, especially if you consider how many of your followers, friends, Likers, Sharers and all the other ways you socially connect might do the same?

We gave at the office this morning and this afternoon, now will you? Today #Haiyan is the crisis, tomorrow you may be the one in need.


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