An appreciation for REAL

Hard to say if it was work or play. Let’s just say, we were keenly aware of the history and care for keeping all that was real. New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment has been careful to keep her native foods and artisans alive. This is a quick view of the spots we were able to experience.

IMG_5834La Salita, first food stop,  was as local as we could get and the food and family hospitality hit us in the heart and tummy. These ladies were masters of the chili and posole world.





Galisteo Bistro was a Santa Fe gem that a wonderful shop owner and local foodie recommended.

IMG_5816We were very grateful as the owner took great care to engage us and make our every wish come true. The ingredients were perfect, local and organic when possible and the menu left us all dreaming of another meal at the Bistro.




Sage Bakehouse, well what word can we find other than PERFECTION! No one can eat just one of anything. We shared quite a few items such quiche, almond croissants and various pastries. We were so impressed with Chef Andree Falls and her passion to help not only those that she trains and works with, but the community of those around her that suffer from hunger. The bakery donates 2000 pounds a week to the Food bank and we saw the truck pull up and load. #SociallyResponsible small businesses makes us happy. Proof positive that any business can make a difference.



sf2Well lookie what we saw  on the sign outside of CafePasquals.  We are grateful to Katharine Kagel for fighting on behalf of so many to keep food clean. She spoke to us for quite some time as to her concerns and the time she spends educating others and protecting the local food supply.


Each dish was better than the next and we all agreed, she has kept her food and sense of caring the same since the day she opened.

Off to Tamaya and dinner at Corn Maiden with Chef to entertain us. He has changed the menu to also reflect local and when possible organic ingredients.


IMG_5793He maintains a herb garden on the property and was masterful with the fig appetizer in both presentation and taste. Chef is new to the area and has a passion for his work, but also understands balance and quality of life. His food reflected the same as we knew to savor each and every ingredient.








Our last supper was perhaps our favorite because we landed at Farm and Table quite by mistake.

We overheard Ashley Maltz  ,IMG_5901 a diamond of a physician and an ingredient knowledgable kinda gal, speaking to Chef about this treasure. We had reservations at a ridiculous restaurant, think of a really bad Chili’s. We knew we would order an appetizer and dash. As we suffered through the awful wine and food, we searched and were able to find Farm and Table.  The 12 acre urban farm which supplies the restaurant was the highlight of our foodie finds. This oasis of food rests in the middle of what felt like a very old neighborhood that in time might become too commercial. The good news is the owner of the restaurant is bound and determined to never let that happen. He has created a family of employees and patrons and we hope to return to hug them all and explore every dish on the menu!


Since we had arrived late, there were many entrees that had already sold out. That spoke volumes to us.The pork chop and squash appetizer were both sensational.  The ice cream which was all made in house, cooled the palate.  We struggled with how to bring back  gallons of the tequila coconut jalapeno ice cream. Small kitchens do not produce gallons, so problem solved.

Chef was  patient with her time and energy in getting to know us as well as explain why she was leaving to care for her dad. She was unique, had a food love without all the go and had groomed her staff to carry on as she knew she could return to the kitchen one day, but never get the time back with her ailing father. We were impressed with the owner’s pride in her decision and how he supported her. Our kind of business……because time and attention to what really matters means success.

So next time you venture out to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, enjoy the beauty, take time to see the flowers and views and know the Chefs and owners are doing their best to keep the food and state full of life and love……we sure did, and even the work seemed easier….IMG_5821IMG_5953IMG_5958IMG_5899

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