CDMX is good for the soul and business too


Top five reasons a long weekend in Mexico City is good for you and yours.

  1. Mexico City is in no way what the media wants you to see or believe. Hello, have you watched the media and the political season? And for the record people from all over the world do business in this city.
  2. Mexico City is one of the most vibrant and spectacular walking city that is easy to get to. Thank you Southwest Airlines. It is open and welcoming to any group and does not discriminate. Long weekend small group experiences are easy to plan and enjoy.
  3. Mexico City is not only affordable, some say it is the best destination city to travel to today due to the strength of the US Dollar.
  4. Mexico City has many day trip opportunities if hiking, climbing or other nature excursions are your thing.
  5. Mexico City is foodie paradise, has architectural splendor, is a museum lovers dream, Uber is perfect, most people speak English and they love tourists. In fact they adore tourists.

If you are scared to go to Mexico City, chances are you are just afraid to travel any place the media suggests is dangerous. If you have any interest in going to Mexico City and need or want a guide to plan your trip, happy to help. (Special food needs are especially easy to accommodate in this city). Name your scene and number of people and this can easily happen.

Those that have traveled to the city and been hosted by a native of the city will be the better for the experience.  And you never know who you might meet that will lead to your next business partnership. Mexico City awaits you.

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