Do not wait, do it now

Today was just one of those days. It was a day of reflection, hope, and ultimately acts of love. It was a day of plans that were made, some kept, some quickly broken. It was a day of quick joy and memories of times when I was a younger athlete and now watching my friend’s child play sports. It was sharing and caring just because we could.

It was time spent taking a cousin to the airport as he was here helping manage the poor health of his father-inlaw, my uncle.

It was a day of helping my father manage his almost empty cup. A cup that will one day be re-filled on drop at a a time.

It was an afternoon watching a friend celebrate the life of her 21 year old that had lost his battle with depression. It was moments of love shared with classmates during a tragic event.

It was an evening of meeting new people that moved into the building. Many were older and one had lost her husband recently. Learning about their lives was a true joy. I could find common ground with each of them, regardless of their age.

It was a night where I was on my way to cut some fresh roses, but instead learned my friend in the building had just lost her 41 year old son that had died of a heart attack in his sleep. I was unable to speak when I heard the news. I asked if I could go see her and just give her a hug, knowing she was in shock. I have watched and participated in my aunt having to bury two children. I have watched and tried to be a friend to two others that have also buried sons.

As I was listening, my childhood friend tried to comfort the grieving Mother and said, you will get to hear all the love and wonderful things your son brought to so many. I have to have faith and hope that the outpouring of LOVE is the universal healing. I pray there is no one way to Love, rather a simple hug or presence may say it all.

I left again thinking, never wait, tell people in the moment and if they are open, physically touch them as well. I can still feel the hugs of my classmates today, the tears on our cheeks and the internal struggle of gratitude versus confusion. I can see the look on my friends faces as they face their moment by moment world of having to re-build life without their precious sons. I ache deeply in my heart and soul, which means perhaps the choices I am making to care for family first, friends second and whatever else comes after that, are the right choices. I remember when my priorities were not as such and I could not feel deeply.

I again am reminded do it now, do not wait. As one who tries their best to live in the moment, today was just another wakeup call as to just how frail life is.

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