#FiveWowMoments with Eric

The weather today was as close to perfect as possible. My “quick stop” to the Randalls pharmacy was not going as planned. Eric was a wee bit to chatty for my taste with the customer in front of me. Something inside of my head said, slow down and create five wow moments. It was that Rabbi Samantha Kahn sermon that is still all over me. Seems the Blessing of the Bacon is fast becoming my blessing for the momentary makin.


The gentleman in line being helped was with his daughter. Familiar territory for my life for sure. That observation led to a conversation as to how great daughters are. The gentleman lit up as he told me the virtues of his daughter that lived in Houston and how she helped him with his needs. I had a flashback to when it was me and my mother and now, how I get to be a significant part of my Dad’s life.

Eric, well he is as special as they come. He is the pharmacist that has transferred to Houston to be close to his parents. He spent 15 minutes with this gentleman and his daughter carefully explaining every detail of the syringes and medicines that were about to become a new daily medical regime. The more questions the father/ daughter team had, the better he explained and the more advice he offered. Where to get coupons, how to clean, how to afford the medicines, you know those tricks of the trade we would want for ourselves. It was as if this was his sister and father.

When it was my turn, he bent over backwards to help me with a shortage of some meds. As we chat, he told me how his parents were first generation immigrants from Taiwan and how he knew it was his time to step up and help take care of them. He had just bought his first home, was feeling the pressure to marry (which he smiled and said soon) and of course has student loans to be paid off. He smiled the entire time as he described his life. I suspect his parents had shared the why of their leaving home and he knew he was lucky to be in this country with a potentially bright future ahead. Everything about this conversation made me think about my grandparents and their journey.

The best part about Eric was his humility and pride in his work. No doubt, those that have encountered him are better for their moments spent in his presence. He at the age of 27 is an inspiration for me to continue to assume nothing and learn everything, about others that seem to put me off in the moment.

So my five wow moments with Eric:

It can be as sunny if not sunnier inside than outside.

Being a daughter is the best gift ever.

My grandparents were immigrants, brought to this country by their uncles.  They are what built my life and I should never forget that, especially how humble and proud they were of their families.

No matter how I plan my moments, I should never attach to that plan.

The vast majority of people, if approached with kindness, love to chat and share from their hearts.

Thank you Eric. Thank you.



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