It is just a game? Or is it?

The Houston Chronicle Headline alarms us as Matt Schaub was confronted by angry fans.
It amazes, the complete out of control behavior of adults. And we wonder why our children are growing up with anger, violence and words of hatred. I am the first to bash the team when they play poorly. I am the first to express my feelings about the coach. Of course, then I exhale. And wish I had remembered, it is just a game.


Wednesday am thoughts to ponder:


1) Have any of us ever not performed well for a stretch of time? Did anyone stand by our side? Did they remind us of our talents?


2) Have any of us had threats to our safety or our family’s because of work?


3) Is football a team sport? Is is not just a game? (Granted a game with big paychecks)


It is a bit confusing how a game has distracted a city to the point of such distraction. Our players are humans. What if we considered the players on and off the field and their integrity and actions in life. We currently experience and can imagine many athletes giving to their cities and communities long after the game. The Texans has so many players, staff and fans that are caring far beyond a game.


Perhaps my Wednesday wish is we all try to remember it is just a game. And for me, I hope to stay focused that the real challenge is to succeed in the game of life, the hardest game of all to consistently play  well.

no regrets

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