Looking Up

Most days I take time to just walk, reflect and take the time to stop, look and listen. The sounds of music, construction, cars moving, birds, bugs, voices, cries, laughter, conversations, and other simple, but sometimes idea generating sounds just inspire me. No differently than the sights you may encounter each and every moment. Sometimes a wonderful post on a social media site  helps me slow down, think and then create. Ultimately, taking time to reflect may be key to helping each of us live a far richer existence.

The last few years have proven that life is not always easy. We are somehow being led to believe that all we need to do is “Be Happy” or “Enjoy” or “Life is Good”. I do not always enjoy each moment, am not always happy and certainly have had my doubts as to the traditional definition of the “good” in life. However, I do try  to experience and embrace life’s moments as they appear. After all, there is not too much enjoyment in watching people we love deteriorate from an illness or humans endure a tragic event. I do not enjoy life when people suffer and as I age am far more empathetic to their plight. Pretty sure it is why I believe in a gentle touch or hug. We never know when we may not be able to engage in such a simple act.

However, as I take time and reflect and look up and down and all around the same words come to mind. Over the years friends have given me rocks that say words like: Listen, Faith, Courage, Grace, and Love. It is these words that can make a difficult moment make sense.  The more we embrace these concepts, the easier it is to recognize the people we want to work with, live with and grow with. Maybe we would be better just trying to Live Life Fully and with Purpose.

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