Motivation by the dollar to rebuild something?

Last week as I was wogging (yes, that is what we do when we get older and have bad knees, walk and kinda jog) through Memorial Park. I was shocked by the loss of trees and reminded of last summer’s drought. Those of us who use or used the park often have seen the devestation. If you drive anywhere close to the park on I-10 or Allen Parkway or Memorial/Woodway, you understand. I live 12 stories up and watch the daily removal of entire patches of trees. My friends and I discuss it and have wondered how will they ever replace all the trees?

If I am really honest with myself, I actually stopped my wogging routine about a year ago. BUT, for some reason I was recently drawn to the 45 minutes of Memorial Park and what it offers. Last week, it hit me, just how much it does offer all of us! Yes, for a dollar a day or more if I so choose, I can be a serious part of the solution of re-forestation of the park and probably buy a few trees myself. Thank goodness this campaign is not about speed. I was motivated to a new wogging plan based on this simple campaign. Maybe you two will be motivated to create your own campaign.

I have to say I love the park campaign for many reasons! Perhaps I love it because I can tailor my own plan. My campaign asks nothing from anyone, but myself. I am assuming a tree seedling is somewhere around $25 to $30 dollars. If I take a dollar to the park or empty my change tray from my car each time I wog, I can track the number of trees I will have contributed to re-forest our community outdoor sanctuary. If I skip a day from my pledge of 4 times of wogging a week, I pay double. At the end of the year I can guesstimate how many trees I donated to the community effort. I can also do the whole how many calories did I burn, inches lost, etc….but at my age, life is so IS NOT about my external beauty and appearance. It is about how short life is and how time and resources are spent.

The hardest part of the campaign thus far was finding where to actually contribute per the signs along the trail. So, let me share this with you. Directly in front of the tennis center is a tree stump on the running/wogging trail. The stump has a sign on the trail side and on top of that sign is a slot where you can put your money. Hope this photo helps.

To the Conservancy team that put this together, thank you. I am motivated to spread the word and hope others create their own campaign. Each time I think, nah, I will walk tomorrow, the opportunity to contribute to re-foresting a city treasure really is my new motivation. Yes, I know, it will not be bad for my health or stress level either! Truth is, in the end, I choose to look for as many opportunities that serve others with ease and this one IS A TEN in my book!

Carpe Diem! If we make a difference in the lives around us the end result will be a better self. See you at the park!

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