CDMX is good for the soul and business too

Top five reasons a long weekend in Mexico City is good for you and yours. Mexico City is in no way what the media wants you to see or believe. Hello, have you watched the media and the political season? And for the record people from all over the world do business in this city. […]

Turn off the noise and turn on the heart

  Is anyone else exhausted by the insanity of the noise all around? The conversations that have gone in a direction less than befitting of the human in humanity? Look to those that understood and now understand something bigger than the noise. Slow down and make time to re-engineer the brain. This photo was the […]

#FiveWowMoments with Eric

The weather today was as close to perfect as possible. My “quick stop” to the Randalls pharmacy was not going as planned. Eric was a wee bit to chatty for my taste with the customer in front of me. Something inside of my head said, slow down and create five wow moments. It was that […]

You are so amazing

What can one possibly say when they hear the words, “You are so amazing”? Perhaps you hear them and when you do, you know exactly how to respond. The very words “You are so amazing” leads me to such a place of humility and gratitude. During this time of deep reflection and after hearing the […]

Wishful, prayerful and hopeful

  Sunday night begins the Jewish New Year- Rosh Hashanah. It is said that on Rosh Hashanah God indicates in the book of life what will occur with all of us for the coming year. Who will live, who will die and how our lives will be for the year. We have up till Yom […]

Dear Tony Awards, please pay attention to this request.

There was never a doubt that closing show would be on the books this summer. A few months ago, while visiting Colorado to attend an Autism Hackathon, I met Brian Be, who introduced me to Phamaly. Brian encouraged me to visit the rehearsals for Evita, which I willingly did. I have seen Evita a few […]

Rich, Rude and Eccentric or Kind, Compassionate and Empathetic

This past weekend my nephew graduated from Trinity University and many of us that were in attendance are still talking about the hour and a half spent celebrating these new “Leaders”. Normally, ceremonies such as this are rather boring, at least those I have attended. Not the case this past Saturday. In summary, Leslie Hollingsworth, […]


Today, the mission of the organization I personally learned so much from in the 90’s, may be closer than we knew at the time to becoming a reality: To One Day Go Out of Business. That was always the hope of the Board and Staff as we were growing systems and solutions to help what […]

Imperfect at best

As the day progresses and the mind reflects, many turn inward to begin the process of asking for and giving forgiveness. The phone calls, notes, emails and sharing of these reflections is a part of the mindfulness required to engage in and have a meaningful fast on Yom Kippur, the Jewish High Holiday of atonement. […]

Reminders matter

  This past labor Day weekend, also known as the B’nai Mitzvah of Miles and Janis Goldstein, created the perfect week for reflections. These two had chosen to spend a lot of time studying and preparing to become adults in the eyes of Judaism.  What struck so many of us was the depth of their […]

Learning Journey

Have you ever looked over the fence and into the past?  Could you hear yourself, see yourself and feel your body? Maybe you were a college “athlete” that excelled in tennis and today you marvel at the legs of the youth bashing balls back and forth. Have you heard questions from the youth in your […]

Bring them Jewish Mothers back, please.

The Jewish Holidays are close. The weather cools down, just a bit. We miss those that have come before us terribly. We wake up one day and realize, we are the women that raised us. If we do not bring them back and keep them alive, who will? Today for some odd reason I heard […]

It lasts a long time

                      It happens so often. We just may not be aware. It can motivate us in ways we did not expect. There they were, minding their own business, but oh so happy. As I followed them a bit during my walk, all I could see […]

Crisis Company Building

It is hard to understand crisis while you are in it, but over time so many management lessons for success emerge.

Failure or maybe not?

#EpicFailure or not so much

Two weddings 60 days apart

Dear Jenny, Eric, Audrey and Peter, This past weekend, many Houstonians gathered to celebrate those that were clients, staff and supporters  of Easter Seals Houston. The weather for the fundraising event called Walk With Me was perfect and the atmosphere was exciting. The agency and cause are no stranger to you as you have each […]

They DID the right thing, would you?

We have watched with great respect and excitement the ongoing development of the mission and recent actions of Chipotle. Last month one of their local employees was looking for a home for 4 commercial kitchen grills as they wanted to recycle or re-purpose them. They were directed to the Habitat Restore and a new collaboration […]

The view is a BIG billable

I am the eternal optimist. Yet, a career and personal path that has led many to experience the insane growth of the world of medical billables has many people left frustrated, angry and concerned with the WHY. Oh c’mon, the why is just NOT that complex anymore. WE are the reason. WE choose to purchase […]

It is so hard to build business unless we make time

As we are all introduced these days via social media, we do have far more access to information about one another. Or do we? Is the information we have even reliable? Boycott this, dislike that, fight for these people and fight against those people. We see an image, phrase or posting and  are immediately moved […]


If we want to learn from the past, we must understand what worked. In fact, it still works. Meet Cuchara Restaurant owner  Ana Beaven.  Many have asked, what is the fascination with this place? If you have been and have to ask after you leave, perhaps you need to rethink Quality. Today, while enjoying the Comida Corrida, […]

My Nooner with NuNu, She touched me

She touched me. On so many levels, she touched me. While many describe their fantasy meal table full of famous and influential people, mine was NuNu, her daughter and granddaughter, all at the same time. Today, my bucket list lunch actually came to pass. It only took 6 years for this to happen. Each and […]

A like is not an action

Is it just me, or are many frustrated that the LIKE and Share buttons seem to have replaced an action? We watch daily as companies get paid to capture followers, shares and likes as a way to measure an RIO or Reach, but seriously, if I were in dire need of help, a like or […]

An appreciation for REAL

Hard to say if it was work or play. Let’s just say, we were keenly aware of the history and care for keeping all that was real. New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment has been careful to keep her native foods and artisans alive. This is a quick view of the spots we were able to […]

Thank you Volunteers, the backbone of Bayou City Art Festival

Since the inception of this wonderful event, the volunteers have been the consistent backbone and passion that sustains the festival. It is worth reading about the history of the Festival and how it became one of the finest in the country. Until you have produced such an event, as I remember  SeptemberFest in Midland, Texas, […]

It is just a game? Or is it?

The Houston Chronicle Headline alarms us as Matt Schaub was confronted by angry fans. It amazes, the complete out of control behavior of adults. And we wonder why our children are growing up with anger, violence and words of hatred. I am the first to bash the team when they play poorly. I am the […]

Jerusalem, The Movie Preview

So many of you have been to Israel and walked the streets of Jerusalem. Many of us understand the beauty and wonder of this ancient city. The majority of us pray for a peaceful co-existence of all religious people of Jerusalem. This film captures the true beauty, mysticism and spirit of the Holy City. Please […]

Keeping it simple this New Year

    Another Jewish New Year.  Self reflection and renewal. The past year is best summed up by the word change. Letting go and letting in. Push and pull. Accept and embrace.   Last year the promise was to respect the who and what of  time. Engage in meaningful work projects and relationships.  Remember those […]

Speechless, but thank you Shannon Buggs for bringing Poetry Slam to Houston.

To explain how nervous I was to judge a Poetry Slam would be futile. The only salvation was meeting the other judges who appeared as anxious as myself. (Of course sitting next to the city’s Poet Laureate did not do much to ease my nerves or eager anticipation.)  Rather than try to explain the wonder […]

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

  A quick moment to remember to appreciate how we can #GainHealth. I awakened today and was overwhelmed with sadness. Two years ago, Mom was laid to rest. I felt restless and finally decided to take a run/shuffle in the park. Off to the park in the heat, to perspire or rather sweat out the […]

Dear United Airlines,

Please let me introduce you to my 85-year-old father, Dr. Marvin Speer. After losing four siblings, a best friend and his wife of 60 years in the past two years, he decided to take the trip to represent the elders at a family event. He is the only sibling of 8 alive and thus the […]

People are watching you and yours

Why articles about Leadership Traits may be failing us.

It seems lately the Top Ten or Top Fifteen lists of how to lead have had very similar themes. Forbes list and Dave Kerpen’s list are both great examples of traits and qualities leaders strive to adopt or maintain. It is fascinating that these lists, as well as most I have seen, seem to forget the […]

You may be smarter, but

My father has an expression, Baby, you are smarter than me, but you are not wiser. And he is correct. I am not wiser nor do I have his wisdom. He is 85 and has 35 more years of real life experience than I do. He has lived through the Great Depression, wars, economic ups […]

Do you remember AIDS when?

My friend and I had lunch and asked a few questions of ourselves. What does one really know about running an organization at the age of 40? How do we know if we are involved with the right organization?  How does one know if their cause is the right one?  After a lunch today, so […]

When talking to, turns to talking with

Dear Zack, So you want to understand how Gillian and Nathaniel ended up at my place last night?  Let me try and explain. Please know this is from the wonderful gift of you once again causing me to slow down and reflect. As you recall, last summer my Houston friends asked me to join their family […]

Looking Up

Most days I take time to just walk, reflect and take the time to stop, look and listen. The sounds of music, construction, cars moving, birds, bugs, voices, cries, laughter, conversations, and other simple, but sometimes idea generating sounds just inspire me. No differently than the sights you may encounter each and every moment. Sometimes […]

We get what we pay for

It is a funny world we live in today. Sometimes I feel so “with it” and sometimes so “out of it”. When I received a call that a “professional head shot” was needed for work purposes, I felt so many emotions. Truth is, I hate the camera. Always have. But, I also understand the reason […]

We are family, if we open our hearts

Sometimes we have clients that are just about the work or project. Not the business model I have ever chosen for myself and the older I get the more I understand why. After all, we work WITH people. People have emotions and lives that can and usually do interfere with or enhance their daily work […]

So you think strangers are scary?…………..

My phone died in the night. About the time it had re-charged a project related colleague called to say she was on the phone with someone that found my wallet. I told her I had no clue what she was talking about, but would check. Sure enough, I had lost my wallet. Darren, a wonderful […]

It is so easy to point my finger at you………

And yet, during these days of awe and reflection, the burden is on MY heart and soul. Many ask about the High Holidays and the significance. Today I begin to celebrate a new year and also reflect on the past year. The questions I ask of myself help me ask for forgiveness directly to those […]

The Media and Mexico

No matter what you read, see or hear, the media is just wrong about their coverage of travel and work in Mexico. No differently than any city or country, the United States included, there are dangerous areas where dangerous people live and work. We read daily of unstable people walking onto college campuses, into restaurants […]

Need a JOB? Pay attention!

We are currently building a project for a group of HR professionals looking to understand and hire the next generation of employees. Granted, this is a frustrated group of “adults” with what they see as a basic lack of social skills in the hiring pool. The top five complaints: 1) The candidate was too informal […]

Motivation by the dollar to rebuild something?

Last week as I was wogging (yes, that is what we do when we get older and have bad knees, walk and kinda jog) through Memorial Park. I was shocked by the loss of trees and reminded of last summer’s drought. Those of us who use or used the park often have seen the devestation. […]

Bully, the movie, one Mom’s review

I watched the recent controversy over the film rating of the Weinstein Brothers film Bully. One word comes to mind: Ridiculous. I previewed the film tonight with students and adults.  To say I left the theatre impacted is an understatement. The journey into the hearts and minds of faculty, administrators, parents and children was beyond […]

Do not wait, do it now

Today was just one of those days. It was a day of reflection, hope, and ultimately acts of love. It was a day of plans that were made, some kept, some quickly broken. It was a day of quick joy and memories of times when I was a younger athlete and now watching my friend’s […]

A half hearted Happy Birthday

Dear Father, AKA Dad, Pops, Grandfather, Uncle Marvin, 69, Brother, Merv, Old Man, Macha, and all the others, I have to believe that at 84, this picture must still feel like it was taken just yesterday. It is hard to say how old you were, but I do know life was as you have described […]