corn godIf we want to learn from the past, we must understand what worked. In fact, it still works. Meet Cuchara Restaurant owner  Ana Beaven.  Many have asked, what is the fascination with this place? If you have been and have to ask after you leave, perhaps you need to rethink Quality.

Today, while enjoying the Comida Corrida, (which is never as quick as planned), the hostess delivered to our table a postcard. And yes, with postage already affixed to the card. She offered to let us write our notes and they would mail the cards. It was an offering to their customers and a gesture of gratitude to celebrate Centeol.

Ana shared the following with her readers:

Centéotl is the God of Corn.
Corn was rather essential to Aztec life. Usually at least five newly ripened maize cobs were picked by the older Aztec women. These were then carried on the female’s backs after being carefully wrapped up, somewhat like a mother would wrap up a newborn child. Once the cobs reached their destination, usually outside a house, they were placed in a special corn basket and would stay there until the following year. This was meant to represent the resting of the maize spirits until the next harvesting period came around. That was the gift of corn.

Ana, thank you for the gift of a simple post card. The card was NOT all about you or your business, in fact there is NO Cuchara return address on the card. The effort you go to  just screams quality, heart, caring and gratitude.  Cuchara and its’ spirit  has been a gift for so many that appreciate the art of Quality and Relationships.

I can see the face of the person I will send my card to. It is my 90-year-old friend in Chattanooga. She will appreciate the gift of sharing and time. For making time to care, know many appreciate these small efforts.

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