Rich, Rude and Eccentric or Kind, Compassionate and Empathetic

FullSizeRenderThis past weekend my nephew graduated from Trinity University and many of us that were in attendance are still talking about the hour and a half spent celebrating these new “Leaders”.

Normally, ceremonies such as this are rather boring, at least those I have attended. Not the case this past Saturday.

In summary, Leslie Hollingsworth, President of the Trinity University Alumni Association share compelling reasons to reach out and meet and develop relationships with the Alum. Her words were sincere and full of compassion and empathy for the place in life of a new graduate. She moved me to find a few MA in Health Care graduates and give them my card. I did not graduate from this University, but recall my own start and those that handed me a card. Chances are the cards will never be accessed, but I do believe so many of our generation do try to help.

Shelby Seier, representing the class of 2015, suggested that students should have to experience one class, improvisation. Her themes mirrored the spontaneity of groups engaging in momentary situations and what she learned in her Improvisation classes:

The importance of collaboration.

Stop, collaborate and listen.

You have the ability to set your own scene, do your best in the moment and surrender yourself at times to fate.

Learn to embrace your present moment.

Perfection is over rated, failure is an opportunity.

Say yes, plant seeds and be generous.

And the best statistic; 6.7% of the world population has a college degree so try gratitude and giving back.

And the final speaker, addressing the new graduates was Amer Kaissi, Ph.D.  To suggest he was articulate and passionate just does no justice to his address. His charge to these graduates was rather simple. You can choose to lead in one of two ways, which we see today in our own Leaders: Rich, Rude and Eccentric or Kind, Compassionate and Empathetic. He developed the theme of Emotional Intelligence as a better predictor for success than IQ throughout his remarks. His overview of recent research revealed compelling evidence that as the work place gets tougher, the leaders that treat people with compassion, kindness and empathy will get better results.

For those that are considered “Leaders” today, why not take a moment and reflect if you use the tools of the Rich, Rude and Eccentric to create solutions and businesses or if you try to develop teams that are Compassionate, Kind and Empathetic. KUDOS to Trinity University for sending their graduates into the workforce with an appropriate message.


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