So you think strangers are scary?…………..

My phone died in the night. About the time it had re-charged a project related colleague called to say she was on the phone with someone that found my wallet. I told her I had no clue what she was talking about, but would check. Sure enough, I had lost my wallet. Darren, a wonderful postal worker had picked it up, decided to not leave it where he found it (a gas station) and instead he gave it to his gal pals Kim and Adrienne. Luckily, the two ladies spent a lot of time and effort and tracked me through Google, Facebook, Twitter,etc. They learned so much about me, my family and had reached out to quit a few of my connections to find me. I can assure you, this takes a LOT of time and energy as I had done the same thing a month before on my travels. A true pay it forward.

I immediately hopped in my care and met these two CAJUNS from Eunice, La., right down the Bayou from Kaplan, home of my roots. And we just seriously connected! On so many levels we took the time and energy to get to know one another! We hugged and meant it, we had lost parents, had cancer survivor stories, spoke of religion, environment, health, all the important stuff in the half hour encounter.  It never felt strange or like strangers. For as long as I can remember folks have suggested I know everyone. I do not know a stranger. Not the worst thing for me to be labeled. It is how we live in a world of connectivity that counts. Do we really connect when we are brought together? Do we make each encounter meaningful.

Kim and Adrienne, you two are indeed special. Your lives touched mine today, far beyond convenience. I hope to be your way soon to make a difference where we can and how we can! Until then, enjoy the Houston Zydeco scene and if you need any suggestions, etc, you clearly know how and where to find me. Thank you for both and Darren for talking to strangers, especially the ones full of passion for life.

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