Speechless, but thank you Shannon Buggs for bringing Poetry Slam to Houston.

metafour3To explain how nervous I was to judge a Poetry Slam would be futile. The only salvation was meeting the other judges who appeared as anxious as myself. (Of course sitting next to the city’s Poet Laureate did not do much to ease my nerves or eager anticipation.) ┬áRather than try to explain the wonder of a Poetry Slam, let me suggest Writers in the School Houston and the Brave New Voices Meta-Four Houston is actually a solution to awakening “seemingly uninterested” High School students. If you combine history, pop culture, current events and creative writing, you have a Poetry Slam. You will watch the most impressive performances given by deep thinking and talented youth. Lead by a few caring and passionate adults, the youth leave us with inspired audiences and communities. If one had to # the topics, I suspect the following MIGHT work: Activism, Social Media, Technology, Economics, War, Disease, Elderly, Death and Dying, Family, Sex, Abuse, Bullying, Self Esteem, Optimism, and so many others.

Key phrases I was able to quickly write down:

Am I too smart for optimism

Activism is more acting than action

I’m 20 and just living MY life

The struggle is real

So take the risk

This poem is the anti-virus

Clap for the poet, NOT the score

Act like a lady

I wanted a fairytale with credits running after

I can create my happy ever after in a world called living

Rich in technology, but poor in innovation

Why read when we have Spark Notes

I am worth it because I said I am

All I feel is glory



From the “judges”, thank you WITS Houston. If you are a High School Teacher, blow up your budget and figure out how to begin a Meta-Four program with WITS. And of course their programs reach every age, so go to the website and enjoy. Shannon Buggs and Robin Reagler, Houston is so lucky to have you both. INSPIRED!




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