Strength, Courage and Wisdom


cloudy dayA quick moment to remember to appreciate how we can #GainHealth. I awakened today and was overwhelmed with sadness. Two years ago, Mom was laid to rest. I felt restless and finally decided to take a run/shuffle in the park. Off to the park in the heat, to perspire or rather sweat out the toxins. There is not a cloud in the sky. Physical health should never be taken lightly, especially the ability to move and breathe. The hotter it got, the more I seemed to enjoy my time. And then, I felt this lump in my throat, at the exact same moment, the clouds formed and sent a comforting breeze. The song Anything Can Happen blasting in my ears as the church bells struck 2, then 7, then 10. And then the sky cried with me, releasing tiny drops of cool comfort as if to shower away the crocodile tears off my cheeks. Emotional and spiritual health is also not to be taken lightly. I did not doubt for a second, that at the moment all of these gifts came together, Faith was the only explanation.

As I began to enjoy the time with my music, thoughts of Mom and nature, it dawned on me that India Arie was singing Strength, Courage and Wisdom and the gratitude I felt for my hearing, sight, and ability to feel was overwhelming. There are many days when I wonder, should I have taken almost two years out of the work force to help Mom as she endured  her cancer treatments to achieve her final goals? Today is not one of those days, because I learned all about Strength, Courage and Wisdom. I am grateful we took that time and journey together.

pink sky

Oh and how happy was I to see this in bloom and a blue sky at the end of my time to grieve and celebrate. I do believe those that may not be here to physically ease the pain and ongoing void, show up in other ways. Yes indeed, physical, mental and spiritual health seem to be the best way to #GainHealth.

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