The Media and Mexico

No matter what you read, see or hear, the media is just wrong about their coverage of travel and work in Mexico. No differently than any city or country, the United States included, there are dangerous areas where dangerous people live and work. We read daily of unstable people walking onto college campuses, into restaurants or coffee shops and shooting innocent people when least expected. And certainly there are murders each and every night we turn on the news in the cities we live in.

I travel to Mexico City often for work and play. I have for years and plan to continue despite the constant questions and comments from family and friends. These comments are all the same: Be Safe. You are going to Mexico? Are you Crazy? Have you lost your mind? Perhaps my walking tour of parts of Mexico City yesterday might set your mind at ease. After all, this is a city like no other, full of beauty, energy and culture.

Enjoy these photos of my walk from Polanco to La Condesa and perhaps you will also take a long weekend and explore the beauty of Mexico City. This is modern art along a path that is the entrance to Chapultepec Park. Public art is part of the culture here. The entire path which was at least a half mile was lined with sculptures. Once we found a crosswalk we were along a fence that lined one side of Chapultepec Park. Here I found a photo exhibit of the cultures of the world, without any graffiti which was impressive to say the least.

I saw this building and loved the color and architecture as it is a renovated building. My friend who lives in the city had never noticed this structure and I suspect my curiosity and appreciation of all I was taking in allowed her to also appreciate the beauty of what she may have seen as ordinary. She  laughed as I stopped often to capture the nooks and views of the city as they appeared. I knew as we walked I was like a child in a fairy tale and thus she was my playmate.

I even loved the nooks found in between the small restaurants and shops as we left the park.

Tortilla making and finally to our restaurant of choice  Locanda (an Open Table destination). Perfect food, ambiance,service.

Perhaps it is the small things that many fail to appreciate, but the walking paths and scenery of Mexico City , especially after a wonderful meal will always capture my heart and soul. Maybe you should consider a trip to learn the truth about this city. If you need a guide, please do not hesitate to ask as we can certainly accommodate your needs.

Happy trails and paths and keep your eyes, ears, nose and heart wide open. By the way, if you meet people here, you never know what new business you may encounter. 

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