The view is a BIG billable

detectI am the eternal optimist. Yet, a career and personal path that has led many to experience the insane growth of the world of medical billables has many people left frustrated, angry and concerned with the WHY.

Oh c’mon, the why is just NOT that complex anymore. WE are the reason. WE choose to purchase products in irresponsible ways that in the end do nothing more than support centers all across the country called “early detection and treatment”.  Please slow down enough and THINK about what that says; We will Detect you earlier and Treat you longer. I live in the largest Medical Center in the country so trust me, the detection and treatment growth in the last 20 years has been astounding.

Think about it, the last time someone you knew had cancer treatment and returned back to their daily lives, what was the post chemo/radiation plan? Did they get the checklist to remove known harmful chemicals from their home, body products, diet? According to my friend that just finished treatment, the answer was a blank stare and no.

How many people have been through the pharma route for stomach issues or allergies to find out the food they were eating was the issue. Perhaps  the chemicals they were inhaling in their home or on their clothes was causing their asthma?  Surely you know someone struggling with skin disease that found out the solution was eliminating all the chemicals in their body and makeup products. And how many people have kids that struggle with ADD/ADHD who change their diet and the behaviors seem to diminish?

Before we are diagnosed with the disease which we will be treated for, long before that, what are pediatricians and obstetrician suggesting to their patients?  Why is there not a real Institute or Centers for Prevention? Can we make money on prevention? I don’t know, ask the new food companies that are eliminating all the crap from their products. Ask the new cleaning and body product companies that are eliminating the harsh and harmful chemicals. They seem to understand that it is time to step up and create solutions. They are the OPTIMISM.

detect1prePractice medicine? How about we all practice prevention! How about we listen to and support the credible advocates that are putting their personal and professional reputations on the line to speak up about the reality of these harmful products? How about we build that BIG Center for real prevention in your home, office and other places of living? Remember, each time you purchase an item that is harmful you are supporting the system that WILL detect your disease and treat it as well.

And yes, I am well aware there are a few programs of Integrative Medicine, a few, and they seem to be tied to the treatment phase of disease. The time is right for us to do the research on our own. Take one step today to improve your life. Have a goal to Gain Health as the outcome  for today. But, in a day and time with full access to information, please do some homework, before you need treatment.

Of course I like everyone am grateful for the treatments that exist, but before or after these interventions, pay attention to your CHOICES.

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