They DID the right thing, would you?

chipotleWe have watched with great respect and excitement the ongoing development of the mission and recent actions of Chipotle. Last month one of their local employees was looking for a home for 4 commercial kitchen grills as they wanted to recycle or re-purpose them. They were directed to the Habitat Restore and a new collaboration was formed. Sustainability Matters…..




As a few folks saw the Chipotle Night at Discovery Green unfold in Houston, more awareness was being created for this company locally. However, they were the sponsors of the Film Food Patriots and the audience was being asked to bring Non-Perishable Foods for the Houston Food Bank to the event. OOPS. This was a mismatch of the Chipotle Brand and their mission.

houston food bank



food patriots






The Houston Food Bank is partners with Brighter Bites and addressing the lack of fresh produce in our food deserts. brigther bites

This is a perfect local partnership that is doing fantastic work  to ensure more non-perishable foods in areas where health is declining and obesity is on the rise.  And when non-perishables are distributed, they are whole grains and no processed foods.



Sometimes, rather than a lot of noise, the solution is in quiet introductions and partners that trust one another and are on the same ethical playing field. There is no long story short here, rather one email and ALL the partners immediately adjusted to ensure complete brand alignment for each entity involved. Thus, get ready to enjoy a night out that is all about doing the right thing, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. And yes, bring fresh produce, because you ARE part of the solution.

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