Dear Tony Awards, please pay attention to this request.

IMG_3601There was never a doubt that closing show would be on the books this summer. A few months ago, while visiting Colorado to attend an Autism Hackathon, I met Brian Be, who introduced me to Phamaly. Brian encouraged me to visit the rehearsals for Evita, which I willingly did.

I have seen Evita a few times and love this show. For so many reasons, it is incredibly relevant to life today. The cast from Phamaly was perfectly cast for this show. In order to really understand this theatre group, it is almost imperative to attend a show. For those that could not see this production live, the trailer is spectacular. It was hard to believe that every person in this cast lives with some type of disability.

Having watched the Tony awards for as long as I can remember, it was once again disheartening this year to hear all of the words of inclusion for almost every type of diversity, but one, the disability community.

Maybe it is because of the sheer numbers of how many people live with a disability that we just ignore the issue. Maybe it is because of the perceptions of what people with disabilities can and can’t do. I can assure you, this cast had voices that rivaled any Broadway show and the production was just brilliant. I am not sure who produces the Tony Awards, but in 2017, I hope they will showcase the talents, gifts and pure passion that Phamaly and other theatre companies that include people living with a disability bring into our lives.

I do not live in Colorado, but sure plan on returning to see Peter Pan next year. I believe anyone can fly…maybe the producers of the Tony Awards do as well?


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