Turn off the noise and turn on the heart



Is anyone else exhausted by the insanity of the noise all around? The conversations that have gone in a direction less than befitting of the human in humanity? Look to those that understood and now understand something bigger than the noise.

Slow down and make time to re-engineer the brain. This photo was the first thing that came to mind after awakening this morning. I could have found literally thousands of these magic moments of my father and mother as they were actively engaged in the lives of those they loved.

Those people who paved a path for us to all care more deeply are our every day heroes. They grew up long before email, Facebook or life was overwhelmingly too busy to make time to support a family member or friend. Their parents were so focused on their own small worlds and with their hard-earned dollars always supported the charity that made sense to them at the time. Funny how they named this group of people “the greatest generation”.

My parents and their people were as incorrect as could humanely be possible, and yet, they did understand how to care about one another with actions. Their family and friends were their life line to their parents that came before them. They sought and still seek the true meaning of a fulfilled life.

I can not speak for every one of their generation, but I can certainly without any doubt say my parents walked the walk and Dad is still walking the steps of loving deeply and with those small acts of kindness that were and in fact will be their legacy. They never had or have to ask, How or What do you need, they just knew and did, because it was always about their love for the other person.

As we age, it is fascinating how our professional world is no longer our reality for success, nor is what fills our checkbook, rather we find these images which infiltrate our hearts, flood our souls and hopefully become the focal points of our awakened moments.  Yes indeed, #MomentsMatter and to all those that came before me that now visit from above and those here with me, may I remind myself often of the lessons of these photos and the countless other images with which to draw strength from.




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