Two weddings 60 days apart

cami and danny 1Dear Jenny, Eric, Audrey and Peter,

This past weekend, many Houstonians gathered to celebrate those that were clients, staff and supporters  of Easter Seals Houston. The weather for the fundraising event called Walk With Me was perfect and the atmosphere was exciting. The agency and cause are no stranger to you as you have each supported those labeled as “disabled”. Each of you understand how this label is not a reflection of what humans really are capable of. We know to focus on the abilities of all those we encounter. But, we are human and reminders are critical.

You know I love to chat with almost everyone, so when I saw Cami and Danny, I was immediately drawn to them. They were holding hands and chatting away. They were patiently waiting to have their photo taken. They were so full of joy and it was clear they were in love with one another.

I approached them and asked if they minded taking a picture as I thought they were adorable. (You have the visual I am sure.)  Danny was so happy to oblige, in fact he was so proud of the algorithm he had created about their relationship.

I thought it would be perfect to share with you as it is an profound life lesson considering the instructors:

C + D = S  or Courage + Determination = Success

And then Cami added the following:

Cami + Danny = Success

I hope that you will have the courage and determination in life to see the joy in each other and the gifts you bring to one another. I asked Cami and Danny if they ever had fights and they both agreed;  Not really as they save life’s battles for what really counts, their health.

As you continue to engage in planning your own weddings, please look to Cami and Danny for inspiration and joy in all that love has to offer.

Love you all,

Mom, Momma, Hey Momma

camy and danny 2

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