When talking to, turns to talking with

Dear Zack,

So you want to understand how Gillian and Nathaniel ended up at my place last night?  Let me try and explain. Please know this is from the wonderful gift of you once again causing me to slow down and reflect. As you recall, last summer my Houston friends asked me to join their family in Italy. After a year of some difficulties to say the least, I decided to take time for me. And thus, the first lesson learned, time for me is not only a reward, but lends itself to opportunities I never imagined. Time with others, priceless.

As we traveled through Italy, we spent a day at a farm that produced wines, cheeses and olives. It was there I talked TO Gillian, the cheese maker. She had that sparkle in her eyes that was infectious and so full of life. Lesson two, trust the eyes and sparkle, ALWAYS.

Within a few seconds we were connected and I know that talking to would become talking with. Thus, when the email came last week as she had promised, I knew my instincts were correct and so I received the gift of their time in my home. It is the same home you and your pals love to come to. It is that space where work sorta disappears and creativity and synergy meet. Lesson three, work and home should be on some level one and the same, full of people that make you feel alive.

As you and I both came to the same conclusion, these two special people will absolutely find something that has inspired them and create the next BIG economic or social driver. The three of us spoke this morning over coffee as to foods, whiskeys, brews, and life. I can assure you, they left behind a room full of inspiration, passion and a joy of being in my kitchen. Lesson four, pay attention to everything you have done, who you have met and how one day it may actually come together and create a business that is about a greater good.

I hope this better explains how I was so lucky to have meet and now friended Gillian and Nathaniel. I hope their continued journeys are safe and full of people that talk to them and with them, for life. And if you are curious, follow them as they continue on.


Aunt Sara

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