You may be smarter, but

My father has an expression, Baby, you are smarter than me, but you are not wiser. And he is correct. I am not wiser nor do I have his wisdom. He is 85 and has 35 more years of real life experience than I do. He has lived through the Great Depression, wars, economic ups and downs, health, sickness, and the ultimate of losses, his wife. He is my friend and the person I go to for advice. His words have given me strength and courage and hopefully the gift of more wisdom.

As  I look back on my career path, I am beginning to understand just how profound this lesson was from my father. With each and every job, consultation and project I have engaged in, there was a constant. I always surrounded myself with people technically smarter than and life experience wiser than myself. These relationships were always sincere and had a common theme that was mission based; what was best for the project, company or organization.

As I began to understand this idea of wisdom, it became easier to understand social media and it’s pitfalls. Here are some key ideas I try and remember.

1) A LIKE is not an action, nor is an insincere comment a way to grow anything other than an analytic.

2) An analytic does not create business that is meaningful. It can and often does boost an ego as the recent LinkedIn marketing email  proved. Another article suggested the Marketing Team actually played to the narcissist in each of us.

3) An algorithm is not a human, a human creates an algorithm. In fact, an algorithm is created to solve a problem. But solving problems will still require human engagement.

4) Nothing will replace a true human win-win relationship.

5) With real experience and direct honesty comes clients that are on the same page.

I value the honesty and relationships that have come form those wiser than me. Truth is, I find it easier and easier to find smart people with great technical skills. In time, their smarts without wisdom, result in a fleeting product. If you are looking to grow a business, find smart people and those with wisdom.  After all, little can replace real life experience or relationships.

Social media is a wonderful gift today to learn from others, exchange ideas and create surface conversations. Deciding who to engage with and how, that is wisdom. I still choose to engage with those that have “been there and done that” for as my father says, “Baby, you may be smarter than me, but you are not wiser”.

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